Delhi Sultan Sher Shah Suri Silver Rupee Shergarh urf Shiqq Bhakkar Mint MME 322

$ 33.39

  • INR: ₹ 2,500.00

  • Metal : Silver
  • Denomination : Rupee
  • Weight : 11.21 Grams
  • Diameter : 26.08 Millimeter
  • Catalogue Reference : G&G # D804

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Delhi Sultan, Sher Shah Suri (AH 945-952, 1538-1545 AD), Silver Rupee, 11.21 gms, 26.08 mm, Shergarh urf Shiqq Bhakkar Mint (Shergarh visible in right quadrant & urf Shiqq Bhakkar is bottom quadrant on obv), Caliphs type 5, Obv: “sultan sher shah khuld allahu mulkahu” in Square, around abul muzaffar, Nagari legend “sri ser sahi”, Rev: The Kalima shahada within the center and four khalifas name, G&G # D804, very fine, very scarce. MME 322


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