Chaulukya Series of Saurashtra & Gujarat Indo Sasanian Anonymous Gadhaiya Paisa coinage Debased Silver (Billon) P 2086

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  • Metal : Debased Silver (Billon)
  • Denomination : Drachm (Dramma)
  • Weight : 4.10 Grams
  • Diameter : 14.03 Millimeter
  • Catalogue Reference : Deyell 159-160, Gupta 178, Maheshwari Type 326-330, Mitchiner Non-islamic 422

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Chaulukya Series of Saurashtra and Gujarat, Indo Sasanian Anonymous Gadhaiya Paisa coinage, Debased Silver (Billon) Drachm (Dramma), ( 1030-1210 AD ) 11th & 12th century AD, 4.10 gms, 14.03 mm, The Gadhiyya paisa is Degenerate Indo-Sasanian Gadhiyya Type head to the right on the obverse with “sri” to the left of the bust & a “fish hook” to the right of the effigy, Reverse shows a stylized Abstract Fire Alter & Crescent Type moon towards top right. The advanced stylization of the designs suggest abstract geometric patterns. Execution of the entire coins seems very careful and attractive. The drachms of the Indo-Sasanian series are derived from the Sasanian silver coinage of Peroz I, carried into North West India by invading Huns in the late 5th century. The coins of Peroz served as the prototype for coinage in this region for more than 700 years! Deyell firmly assigns these to the Chalukyas, but Mitchiner feels they may also have been issued by the Paramaras of Malwa. References Deyell 159-160, Gupta 178, Maheshwari Type 326-330, Mitchiner Non-islamic 422, Fine, Very Scarce. P 2086

100 % Original Coin.Condition as per Scan Photo / Scan.


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