Ancient Mauryan PMC Magadha Imperial Silver Karshapana Punch Mark GMS 381

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  • Metal : Silver
  • Denomination : Karshapana
  • Weight : 3.24 Grams
  • Diameter : 16.96 x 19.97 Millimeter
  • Catalogue Reference : Gupta & Hardaker – Page No. 166, Series IVd, 471 Type

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Ancient, Mauryan PMC, Magadha Imperial (C. 321-150 BC), Silver Karshapana Punch Mark, 3.24 gms, 16.96 x 19.97 mm, Punch marked Coinage of the Indian Subcontinent, Magadha Mauryan Series By Gupta & Hardaker, Classification & Refrence Series IVd, IV XXXV A 16 Am, obverse marks six armed symbol (mark 449), Sun (mark 468), Ractangle enclosing two fishes facing each other,above and tangent a large outline arch enclosing a three-arched hill,above outside a dumbbell sideways (mark 352), Vertical spear encssed in upper part by solid shape with inward-curving sides each harbouring a taurine; a taurine also either side of spear shaft (mark 249), Tree with six branches upon four-square railing(‘Tree in railing’) (mark 16), Page No. 166, Series IVd, 471 Type, Fine+, scarce. GMS 381

100 % Original Coin. Condition as per Scan Photo / Scan.


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