Indian Princely States Savanur Abdul Rauf Diler Khan INO Farrukhsiyar Azamnagar Mint Silver Rupee ULSA 992

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  • INR: ₹ 7,600.00

  • Metal : Silver
  • Denomination : Rupee
  • Weight : 11.28 Grams
  • Diameter : 21.77 Millimeter
  • Catalogue Reference : Unlisted in KM

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Indian Princely States, Savanur, Abdul Rauf Diler Khan (AD 1687-1720), INO Farrukhsiyar (AH 1124–1131, 1713–1719 AD), Silver Rupee, 11.28 gms 21.77 mm, RY 6, Azamnagar Mint, Savanur State was founded in 1672 when Abdul Karim Khan, an Afghan of the Miyana tribe from Kabul, in the service of the Sultanate of Bijapur and was granted the Jagir of Sarkar Bankapur near Bijapur in 1672, this particular variety of ‘Azamnagar rupees struck under the Nawabs of Savanoor has two curious features on reverse the word ‘Sanah’ between the letters ‘Lu’ and ‘Sheen’ of the word ‘Julus’ but it is possible that the coins are struck at a mint other than Azamnagar with a pseudo-mint name, the name Savanur is said to be the corruption of the Persian word ‘Shahnoor’ which means ‘King of Light’, Unlisted in KM, extra fine+, very rare. ULSA 992

100 % Original Coin. Condition as per Scan Photo / Scan.


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