Delhi Sultan Ala-al-din Muhammad Shah Hazrat Dehli Mint Silver Tanka USP 44

$ 17.44

  • INR: ₹ 1,450.00

  • Metal : Silver
  • Denomination : Tanka
  • Weight : 11.03 Grams
  • Diameter : 27.04 Millimeter
  • Catalogue Reference : G&G # D226

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Delhi Sultan, Ala-al-din Muhammad Shah (AH 695-715, 1296-1316 AD), Silver Tanka, 11.03 gms, 27.04 mm, Hazrat Dehli Mint (Off Flan), The legends on the coins of Ala-al-din Muhammad Khalji continue to quote the ruler’s titles on the tankas which reads as ; Obv : al-sultan al-a’zam ‘ala’ al-dunya wa’l din abu’l muzaffar muhammad shäh al-sultän, reverse : with Muhammad alling himself sikandar al-thāni – the second Alexander yamin al-khilafa – the right hand of the Caliphate āsir amir al-mú’ minin – helper of the Commander of the faithful, G&G # D226, extra fine+, scarce. USP 44

100 % Original Coin. Condition as per Scan Photo / Scan.


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