• Aurangzeb Gold Pagoda Nisar AH 1103 RY 35 Chinapatan Mint

    Gold Pagoda Struck In The Name Of Aurangzeb AH 1103 RY 35 Chinapatan mint Curiously, the legend identifies it as a 'Nisar' - most likely struck by the East India Company factors to be used in rituals of 'gift economy', indicated as a mark of gratitude for allowing the British
  • Ancient Guptas Samudragupta Veena Vadak Lyrist Type Gold Dinar

    Ancient Guptas Samudragupta (335-380 AD), Gold Dinar, Lyrist type, obv. wearing skull cap diadem and earrings and short Dhoti king seated on a high-backed throne, playing a veena (lute) that rests on his knees, seated upright facing left on a four legged seat away from its back with one leg
  • Mughal Aurangzeb Assam Mint AH 1073 RY 5 Silver Rupee Coin

    Mughal Aurangzeb Assam Mint AH 1073 RY 5 Silver Rupee Coin, The Mughal forces under Mir Jumla were ordered by Aurangzeb after ascending the throne of Delhi to invade Cooch Behar and Assam, The Cities Manaha and Guwahati and capital of Assam were occupied in 1662/63, forcing the local raja,
  • Mughals Aurangzeb RY 29 Katak Mint Square Silver Legal Dirham

    Mughals Aurangzeb Square Legal Dirham RY 29 Katak Mint Silver complete mint name on rev Extremely Rare. Aurangzeb imposed the 'jaziya' (poll-tax on the 'infidels') in AH 1090 (1679 AD). He issued a controversial denomination - coins called 'Dirham Sharai' (legal dirham) for its payment in an orthodox manner. The