IPS Jaipur State Madho Singh II INO George VI Silver Nazarana Rupee Sawai Jaipur Mint AD 1949 RY 3 rare GRJ 209

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  • Metal : Silver
  • Denomination : Nazarana Rupee
  • Weight : 11.27 Grams
  • Diameter : 38.19 Millimeter
  • Catalogue Reference : KM # 195

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Indian Princely States, Jaipur State, Madho Singh II (AH 1298-1341, 1880-1922 AD), INO George VI, Silver Nazarana Rupee, 11.27 gms, 38.19 mm, Sawai Jaipur Mint, AD 1949, RY 3, Madho Singhji died in 1922, when the Princely States ultimately merged into the Indian Republic, in 1947, their official minting activities ceased. However the popular demand for nazarana coins for donations, marriages, etc. remained. That’s the reason that odd dates and wrong combinations (mismatched) of ruler names appear. The post 1949 issues were privately produced by sarafs in Jaipur, most likely using obsolete dies from the former mint. Possibly modern forgeries (combination of 1949/RY3 is wrong). Nazarana (gift) rupees were never circulated. Hence these are Re-struck from original dies about four to six decades ago, KM # 195, very fine+, rare. GRJ 209

100 % Original Coin. Condition as per Scan Photo / Scan.


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