EIC Bengal Presidency INO Shah Alam II India-British Colonial Murshidabad Mint AH 1202 RY 19 Gold Mohur NGC Graded MS 64 NGC4971762-017

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  • Metal : Gold
  • Denomination : Mohur
  • Catalogue Reference : KM # 103.1, Stevens # 4.3, Prid # 62

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East India Company, Bengal Presidency, INO Shah Alam II (AH 1174-1221, 1759-1806 AD), Gold Mohur, India-British Colonial Murshidabad Mohur AH 1202//19 (frozen date & RY), It Is The 1st milled gold coin ( called as mohur ) of the indian bengal presidency, with oblique milling type, with official weight 12.360 grams. The coin has a 24 Carat (.996% Gold content) Gold Purity. Struck In the Name Of the ruler Shah Alam II, the oblique milling, has the edge grained to the Right / Left. Mint name on coin reads Murshidabad but it was struck at 4 diffferent mints Calcutta, Dacca, Murshidabad & Patna. Dot in center of 1st cluster represents Dacca (Dhaka) mint, in 2nd cluster represents Murshidabad mint, in the 3rd cluster represents Patna mint, however “No Dot” in any of the 3 clusters on the obverse side suggests that the mohur was minted at Calcutta mint as evident on this specimen, The Obverse of the coin reads “Sikka zad bar haft kishwar saya fazle ilah, hami din Muhammad Shah Alam Badshah 1202”, meaning the Defender of the religion of Muhammad, Shah’ Alam Emperor, Shadow of the divine favour, put his stamp on the seven climes, 1202 AH (1788 AD). The Reverse reads as “Zarb Murshidabad, sanah 19 julus & maimanat manus,” which means that the coin was struck at Murshidabad in the 19th Year of his reign of tranquil prosperity. This brilliant gem uncirculated coin is one of the most attractive examples of this type available with encapsulated certified slab & NGC guarantee. It is very attractive & has superb eye pleasing luster, a high grade specimen & very collectible, References : KM # 103.1, Stevens # 4.3, Prid # 62, NGC encapsulation graded as Mint State 64 (MS 64), rare. NGC4971762-017

100 % Original Coin. Condition as per Scan Photo / Scan.


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