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Post Gupta Bengal Base Gold Dinar Samacharadeva Rajaleelasana 6th Century AD

Post – Gupta Bengal – base gold Dinar of Samacharadeva, c. 2nd/3rd quarter of 6th century AD, 9.67 gm

Obv: Nimbate king seated on throne in ‘Rajaleelasana’ posture, a female attendant holding a whisk under her arm to standing to his right; a Queen standing in gesture of bashfulness or modesty to left. Brahmi legend ‘Sama’ above.

Rev: Nimbate goddess Lakshmi, wearing hair in topknot, standing between two lotuses and two lotus leaves, holding one flower by its stem with a goose (Hamsa) near her feet. Brahmi legend ‘Sri Narendra-vineeta’ to right.

Samacharadeva, known from his Ghugrahati copperplates dated RY14, ruled over ‘Vardhamana Bhukti’, or present day Burdwan area in South West Bengal. He is known to struck two coin types – archer and king seated on throne.

Source : IM, Kolkata

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