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Farrukhsiyar rupee Qila’a Shahnabi Durg ‘Urf Parnalah’ mint AH 1130

Farrukhsiyar – rupee of ‘Qila’a Shahnabi Durg ‘Urf Parnalah‘ قلع شاه نبی درگ عرف پرناله mint, AH 1130.

Another example of Queen Tarabai’s attempts at asserting herself in view of her rival Shahu trying to claim legitimacy from the Mughals to be the supreme ruler of the Marathas.

‘Parnalah’ was the Islamic version for the name of ‘Panhala’, the hill fort and stronghold of Tarabai, located near Kolhapur. It was supposedly renamed ‘Shah Nabi Durg’ under Mughal occupation during Aurangzeb’s war against the Marathas; however, it was perhaps a name given in ‘Adilshahi times and resuscitated by the Mughals.

Source : Mughal Coins of India Group

Courtesy : Dr Shailen Bhandare‎

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